Giving Ideas

Share your resources.

Giving Ideas

Share your resources.

Can't make a trip but have a little extra cash to share? Make a donation to a project that works on water and sanitation issues.

Clean Water Delivery Ministry (Kenya) - Creating clean water sources in ten Kenyan communities through water harvesting and drilling. Give

El Porvenir: Clean Water, Healthy Nicaraguans - Improving lives through sustainable self-help water, sanitation and reforestation projects. Give.

Water Pumps - Supplying residents with clean water in Congo, (Democratic Republic). Give.

Agua Viva - Building and educating on sustainable water distribution systems in the Central America. Give.

Water@Work - Community Based Water Filtration Programs implementing community based water purification systems to impoverished communities in Dominican Republic Latin America and Caribbean. Give.

Water and Sanitation (Global) - Meeting the need for clean water and sanitation in communities throughout the world. Give.

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