Giving of Ourselves as Prayer: Water

What are ways you can contribute to good?

Giving of Ourselves as Prayer: Water

What are ways you can contribute to good?

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When we give as an agent of God, we must do so from a place of equality—for in every case we recognize that the person we are giving to is also an agent of God. By seeing other people as the image of the divine, they can recognize the same in us. With this kind of giving, we are able to build relationships through sacred sharing instead of creating hierarchical distance.

In this way, giving can be a spiritual practice, a kind of prayer that recognizes God’s presence in each person.

Begin this practice by letting images from your Encounter with global water issues return to your mind.

  • What did you see that was most compelling?
  • Is it the walking back and forth to a distant water source depriving women of other opportunities, or is it the thought of children dying needlessly that grips you? Do you want to be part of the simple gift of dignity that comes from proper sanitation resources, or are you invested in helping organizations “give back” in service of others?

Giving of yourself can take a lot of different forms, but the two primary ways are giving of resources and giving of time. As you reflect on how you can give of yourself to the global water crisis, have a conversation with a friend about what you have encountered here. In your conversation, discuss ways that you can give of yourself – your time, your resources, your love – for those who struggle because they do not have access to clean water or proper sanitation. 

To go deeper, see “Giving of Ourselves as Prayer.” 

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