Walking Meditation: Water

A meditative walking exercise to help you process your encounter with global water issues.

Walking Meditation: Water

A meditative walking exercise to help you process your encounter with global water issues.

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Meditation doesn’t have to be a boring, passive activity. If you want to explore deeper contemplation, but have trouble imagining yourself sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, try combining a walk with spiritual reflection. The combination of bodily activity and spiritual awareness can help you process your Encounter with global water issues in a deep, embodied way.

Open the door, walk outside, and head to a place that brings you peace of mind. As you walk, reflect on your Encounter or engage with a passage from scripture. Here’s a good option: “When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst, I the LORD will answer them, I the God of Israel will not forsake them.” (Isaiah 41:17)

Make your contemplation a "whole body" experience - become mindful of where you put your feet, of how you move your arms. But also focus on the water issues presented in the Encounter. By becoming aware of your physical movements while also engaging the information and ideas from the Encounter, you are integrating your body and mind. 

Remember that the process has three parts:

1.   The beginning of the meditative walk is a time of letting go. Release the cares and concerns of the day. Let your mind become clear.

2.   In the middle of the walk, stop for a short break. During this rest, open yourself to new insights or ways of thinking. Take as much time as you need.  

3. At the end of the walk, attempt to integrate whatever you’ve just received or learned into your normal life. Re-enter gradually aware that you’re in a different place with the issues than you were when you started.

The is the process for a walking meditation - try it out and allow your body and mind to connect. 

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