Resting Prayer: Water

Relaxing in God's love.

Resting Prayer: Water

Relaxing in God's love.

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This is not a time for intensive prayer or reading. Lay aside all of that for another day. Simply find a place to rest and relax—a comfortable chair, a hammock, a bed, or on the ground. In this exercise, you are going to “soak” in the constant presence of God. More than that, this is also a chance to see how God is present in the most difficult realities of our world, even the global water crisis.

  • Close your eyes, slow your breathing. Be aware of the warmth of God’s love surrounding you. Imagine you are in a refreshing pool of water or bathed in a soft golden light of God’s presence. Allow yourself to sink into the experience, beginning to feel God’s presence within you and surrounding those people who are affected by the lack of clean water and proper sanitation.
  • Let God’s presence slowly dissolve blockages to awareness. Free your thoughts, intentions and responsibilities. If your mind wanders, just bring it back to the quiet. Let answers and insights bubble to the surface of consciousness.
  • Perhaps reflect on the biblical notion of “living water” – having a specific idea in mind can help maintain focus and keep other thoughts out of your mind. If you don’t want to do that, though, don’t. Just rest and breathe.
  • Soaking prayer can last as long as you need, from fifteen minutes to an hour or more. If you are feeling overwhelmed by what you have seen or heard about in your Encounter, this may be the best way to deepen your experience toward spirited action.

To go deeper see “Soaking Prayer.” 

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