Imaginative Prayer: Water

Put yourself in the story.

Imaginative Prayer: Water

Put yourself in the story.

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As you prepare to reflect on the realities of global water issues, put yourself into the story. 

  • How would you experience a lack of clean water and basic sanitation? 
  • What would you see? What other sensory experiences would you have?
  • How would your life be different with no reliable source of clean, safe water or even a basic latrine?
  • In what ways would your relationships (family, friends, co-workers) look different?

As you place yourself in the story, take a minute to write your response to these questions in a journal. By writing these imagined experiences, your Encounter can become a form of prayer. Then, write a short prayer on behalf of those people who deal these issues and emotions on a daily basis. 

If you'd like to share a prayer with others, visit the prayer wall.

To go deeper, see “Praying the Encounter.” 

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