“My Mom Saved My Life”: The Story of Karla Chavez

In this video, Karla Chavez tells us a little bit about her story of growing up as an “undocumented” immigrant and what Deferred Action could offer to 11 million other eligible people like Karla.

In this video interview, Karla Chavez offers her story and shows what Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals could do for the 11 million people, like Karla, who are eligible undocumented immigrants. Unfortunately, on November 9, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against a version of the Deferred Action program that Karla applied for and discusses in this video. Her story describes a little about DACA and shows the importance of offering a policy that can support undocumented immigrants.

Footage provided by Justice for Our Neighbors - Tennessee.

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How Have You Been Helped? Stories of Gratitude

In this Reflection, you can think about how your family has been helped and how those stories influence the way you help others.

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In her video interview, Karla Chavez bravely tells her story of moving from Mexico to the U.S. with her mother, an act that Karla says “saved her life.” Karla’s attitude is striking because many people seem to be telling Karla that her mother is to blame for the difficult situation that Karla is in. Yet Karla only shows gratitude. By recognizing what her mother has given to her, Karla is able to give to others, tell her story, and advocate for people who, like her, could benefit from policies like DACA.

Karla’s story tells us something really important about gratitude: the more you recognize how you’ve been helped, the more willing you are to give to others. Whether we recognize it, each of us has been helped in someway. There are small stories. Maybe it’s financial aid for school or a neighbor brought your family food when a parent was sick. And there are big stories: Maybe, like Karla, a parent moved you to a new place to save your life. Perhaps your family’s experience of being helped is completely different, but probably along the way, help came from somewhere. Whether we realize it, these stories, big or small, shape the way you help others. Remember: By telling your stories of being helped, you can also inspire people in your life to help others.

  • What are your stories of being helped? How have these stories shaped the way you help others?
  • In your life, what are you thankful for? How can you use this gratitude to affect those in need?


Be thankful. Tell your story of gratitude. Help others.

What You Do Matters

What would you like to do next with The Story of Karla Chavez?

Take Action

Justice for Our Neighbors: Give and Volunteer

Learn how you can donate to and volunteer for Justice for Our Neighbors - Tennessee.

Justice for Our Neighbors is an organization that provides affordable legal services to low income immigrants and their families. Karla Chavez is someone who works with Justice for Our Neighbors in Tennessee. The Tennessee office has helped thousands seeking work authorization, relief from deportation, and comfort.

Beyond their professional work on behalf of immigrants, they also train volunteers, attorneys, law students and communities of faith to help them carry out their mission and advocate for the rights of our immigrant neighbors.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Justice for Our Neighbors - Tennessee, visit their website

You can donate to their cause here, so they can continue advocating for amazing people like Karla Chavez.

What You Do Matters

What would you like to do next with The Story of Karla Chavez?

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