Responding to the Refugee Crisis: 12 Facts

How is the world responding to the refugee crisis? Read these 12 facts to learn more.

We know there’s a refugee crisis happening all over the world, but how are organizations and governments responding? Read these 12 facts to get a sense of how the international community is reacting to the crisis.

  1. The UN humanitarian appeal for Syrian refugees is just 40% funded. More than 12.8 people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. 
  2. The UN offers refugee camps, but they were not prepared for the refugee crisis on this scale, so the refugee camps are crowded and under supplied. Because of this, the Syrians began to seek asylum elsewhere. 
  3. Between 2007 and 2014 the European Union (EU) invested approximately 2 billion euro into fences, high tech boarder technology, and boarder patrol.
  4. In the EU, a refugee has to stay in the state they arrive in first, so that puts enormous pressure on the border states. This can cause a lot of difficulty for border states, like Greece, who is already suffering from economic crisis.
  5. In 2014, the UK lobbied to stop a huge search and rescue mission that was designed to stop asylum seekers from drowning. The idea behind this is a higher death toll in the sea means fewer people will make the journey. However, that is not what happened. 
  6. The world began to pay attention to the current refugee crisis when the picture of the dead 3 year old Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, laying face down on a beach in Turkey went viral.
  7. Germany announced that it will take in all Syrian refugees who come to the country. 
  8. Support for asylum seekers has mainly come from citizens and not from governments. 
  9. Refugees have rights under international law (UN convention 1951): 1) Not to be returned to their country if their safety cannot be assured, 2) Not to be penalized for entering a country illegally if they request asylum, 3) right to life, 4) security, 5) religious expression, 6) primary education, 6) access to courts, and 7) equal treatment by taxing authorities.
  10. There are 4,288,672 Syrian refugees.
  11. Australia is accused of violating international law.  Look here to see why the Australian government’s actions are so controversial. Canada is accepting less refugees than they did 10 years ago. The Arab states in the Persian Gulf have accepted no refugees. They have offered money to the refugees, but they won’t take in any people. The U.S. will accept only 85,000 refugees. 
  12. Fear of Islam: Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, "We don't want to, and I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of Muslim people in our country. We do not like the consequences of having a large number of Muslim communities that we see in other countries, and I do not see any reason for anyone else to force us to create ways of living together in Hungary that we do not want to see. That is a historical experience for us." (Source

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