"I Was A Lost Boy": The Story of Aaron Limmo

In this video interview, church planter Aaron Limmo talks about his journey from South Sudan to North Sudan to Ethiopia to now living as a citizen of the United States.

All over the world, there are stories of displaced people searching for a home. These stories become more real when we hear the experiences of individual people. Because each person’s experience is different, it is important to listen to these unique stories.

One of the major stories of displacement in the last few decades is the “Lost Boys of Sudan.” In 1983, a civil war broke out in South Sudan between the Sudanese government and a rebel group called the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA). Fighting sparked when the government failed to abide by autonomic arrangements separating Sudan from South Sudan. The conflict resulted in more than 1.5 million people losing their lives and several thousand being displaced; among the displaced persons were over 20,000 boys between the ages of 7-17 who were separated from their families. Many of them fled to Ethiopia to seek refuge from the war when the SPLA began inducting young males into their movement.

Aaron Limmo, one of these “lost boys,” is a church planter in Iowa for the United Methodist Church. Watch this video interview with Aaron to learn more about his journey from South Sudan to being a United States citizen.


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