Reflection Through Daily Prayer

Reflect on the Encounter and how it relates to your daily experience.

Reflection Through Daily Prayer

Reflect on the Encounter and how it relates to your daily experience.

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To reflect on the Encounter, try a method of prayer that comes from Ignatius of Loyola, a catholic saint. Ignatius was concerned with recognizing the divine in our daily experience, and offered ways to prayer, meditate, and reflect on those experiences. His Examen prayer is focused on our responses to the events of the day. Try using the methods from the Examen to help you reflect on the encounter. (Also, check out the resource - link at the bottom - to learn more about the Examen.)

Keeping in mind the encounter you’ve just experienced, begin listening for what God or the divine is communicating to you. 

Begin by simply considering: 

  • Why has this issue been brought to my attention today?
  • What is going on in my life that makes me receptive to these issues?
  • Why was it presented in this way?

Then, deepen your experience of your encounter through the 3-part spiritual practice based on Ignatius' Examen:

  1. Connections: Think about what you felt the most in tune with. Where did you feel engaged and motivated?
  2. Disconnections: Think about where you experienced the most dissonance. What parts of what you saw made you feel conflicted, overwhelmed, or grief-stricken?
  3. Synthesis: Give thanks for whatever you have experienced, either way. Perhaps ask why you felt this way about the encounter. Find gratitude for the parts that felt aligned with your spirit, as well as for the parts that didn’t. Share your thoughts to a friend or in a journal.

To go deeper, see “The Examen and Global Issues.”

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