Stacy Rector: False Hope and True Hea...

Reflect on what it means to for us, as a people of faith, to do justice and provide healing.

Stacy Rector: False Hope and True Healing

Reflect on what it means to for us, as a people of faith, to do justice and provide healing.

God in God’s goodness gave to us a creation that is good.  However, in our humanity we have taken it upon ourselves to play that role of god, creating a world that is not of God.  

The death penalty is a much debated issue in our country and has been for many years.  Some believe that it is a way to show justice. Others believe that is built on the foundation that violence promises healing and an ending to the grief of a victim’s family.


  1. Is this assurance of healing an empty promise?
  2. What do we as a people of faith believe about violence?
  3. What is the value of life?
  4. As people of faith, how can violence blind us or manipulate our ideas of healing and justice?

The death penalty enforces our nation’s incarceration issues because of the way in which individuals are convicted. When we do not think about the context of people’s lives and when we judge people based off of their actions, we end up creating a society that is blinded from our world.

  1. Is it problematic to judge someone exclusively by their actions and not their context?
  2. Why are the “least of the least” being convicted?
  3. In what ways can we provide healing and justice for both victim and people who are convicted of crimes?


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