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Creation & Sustainability

Caring for creation and living sustainably have many layers and cause us to question the decisions we make on a daily basis. Should we go vegetarian? Buy local...


Food and Justice

Hunger is one of the most universal experiences of being alive, and how we satisfy our hunger determines our way of life. “You are what you eat”--yes, but might...


Children & Vulnerability

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise child. But we often gloss over the messy realities this proverb can capture – no parent or parental figure can...


Political Action & Spirituality

In what ways can spirituality bridge divided political lines? How can people of faith resist, work with, help, re-imagine, or challenge governments in helpful and...


Poverty & Sanctuary

Economic insecurity puts families in a precarious position – many are one unlucky event away from poverty. How can we provide sanctuary for the economically...


Religion & Community

Religious communities are shifting and changing, blending and moving. Join us as we reflect on the place religion has in building community.


Gender & Identity

Who am I? This question of identity follows us through our lives, wrapping itself up in our experiences and interactions with other people. But what role does...


Enslavement & Freedom

Freedom is something we all strive for. Yet how do we unknowingly perpetuate bondage? Join us as we reflect on enslavement and the search for freedom.


Migration & Refuge

Movement and migration. Borders and boundaries. Who gets to live where and why? Join us as we try to re-frame the conversation of migration and refuge beyond fear.


Race & Image of the Divine

What does it look like to re-imagine racial differences? Engage this issue with us as we listen to people's stories and examine cultural narratives about race.


Disaster & Human Dignity

When we see the devastation created by disaster, most of us are stirred to do something to help. Discover ways to respond that keeps human dignity intact.


Water & Restoration of Life

Water is life. But when water is scarce or misused, creation wanes and human life struggles. Learn more about how you can help restore life through water.


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