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Intentions for the World

Intentions for the World

Consider your intentions, your hopes, for the world.

“Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of [God's] willingness.”
- Martin Luther

Christ-followers—and all of us who profess a spiritual life—are invited to pray and to lay hold of God’s desires for all of creation. The practice of praying for the world is one way we can do that.

  • Begin by taking a few slow, deep breaths, centering your awareness in the present moment. Find yourself abiding in the gentle quiet spiritual Light and Presence that infuses all of creation.
  • Allow yourself to connect with the spirit of God. Make it your intention that this spirit, this higher power or greater mystery, flows through your heart, mind and consciousness as you pray.
  • Envision the earth as astronauts in space see it. In your mind’s eye, see the jewel-like orb: the blues of the bodies of water, the browns and greens of the landmasses, and the clouds hovering around it all.
  • Imagine the whole planet being surrounded with the light of God’s compassion and love for all creatures. Let this light surround you also as you join with the world, for the world.
  • Notice that within God’s light, there are individual stars of light, those children of God who care, pray, and work for good in the world. See how those stars are so numerous that they also encircle the globe. Acknowledge that your prayers join those of all who share our reverence for something larger than ourselves.
  • As you reflect on this global concern, focus on the places on the planet where these issues exist, where need and suffering are great and where human dignity is at stake. Hold in mind the ultimate truth that God’s Light surrounds them all, already—and also petition that you may be part of that Light. Contemplate your role not just as “observer” but also as “illuminator.”
  • Conclude the prayer with your agreement that “God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”