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Giving of Ourselves as Prayer

Giving of Ourselves as Prayer

What are ways you can contribute to Good?

“Christ has no body now on earth but [ours].”

- Teresa of Avila, 16th century mystic

If we see ourselves as embodied agents of God’s grace, then money, as a surrogate for our time or effort, is also sacred. How we spend these sacred assets is one of the most powerful ways that we act in the world as agents of God’s presence. Giving of ourselves by giving time or money, then, becomes a kind of spiritual experience—a kind of prayer.

This notion of giving challenges our culture’s typical view of charity—the one that reinforces our sense of individuality and separateness, rather than defeating it. When we give to them, they become somehow other. We believe and are proud that “our wealth has flowed downhill” to those in need.

When we give as an agent of God in service of God’s presence, we do so from a place of parity—for in every case we recognize that the other is an agent of God as well. We see the Christ in the other and allow them to see the Christ in us. With this kind of giving, we are able to build relationships of sacred sharing instead of hierarchical distance.

For each encounter with a topic of global concern, try the following:

  1. Specify a unit of work for which you spend time or effort and earn a quantity of money. An hour/day/week = $X.00
  2. Visualize that time and effort impacting the topic of your encounter. Imagine the journey that it takes as it goes forth from you in the direction of your concerns.
  3. Imagine each action that it empowers, each relationship it facilitates, each moment of suffering it alleviates, and, in fact, each time its purpose and effect may be obscured by God’s unknowable will.
  4. Create a blessing intention to follow, inspire and enliven your contribution on its spiritual journey into the world. Focus your blessing on the money functioning not as “hard currency” but as a kind of spiritual bridge.