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What To Do When Someone Strongly Disagrees With You

Posted July 15, 2015
At Moyo, we're trying to do more than just educate people about important issues. Although that's an important aspect of our work, we're also trying to start conversations about global topics. And we don't want these conversations to be one-sided - we want to hear from a diversity of voices. Read this post from Travis Garner about how to have a conversation with a...

The American Religious Landscape: How Moyo Fits In

Posted May 26, 2015
If you are a part of a religious community or even if you're not, you've probably heard a lot of people worry about the state of Christianity in the U.S. Young people aren't going to church! The church is dying! The pews are empty! Whether these things are true or not, one thing is for sure: the way Christianity looks in America is changing. This survey has added fuel to...