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The Moment When Easter Happens

Posted March 27, 2016
This Easter we hear from Doug Hagler.  He graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC with an M.Div in 1990. For the last ten years, Doug has worked as an editor at The Upper Room in a variety of positions, currently as a web editor. He is the father of four grown children, and has three grandchildren. He lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee with his husband, Frank. For...

Finding Hope at a Donald Trump Rally

Posted March 21, 2016
Today on The Feed, we hear from returning contributor Luke Edwards who traveled to Hickory, NC for a Donald Trump Rally. You can find the original post here. Edwards' commitment to listening and open dialougue exemplify the mission of Moyo, so we're excited to share his reflections. Enjoy and comment below!   The Donald Trump Rally in Hickory, NC was far from a...

#LikeAGirl: 3 Videos Show Why Feminism Is Important

Posted March 7, 2016
Below are few videos The Moyo Team wanted to highlight about feminism and women's experience for Women's History Month. Watch these videos to learn a little more about feminism and use what you learned to start conversations and act. Post below with any comments or responses to the videos.    1. "We Should All Be Feminists" - TED Talk with...

New Moyo Topic: Gender & Identity

Posted February 29, 2016
Moyo is featuring a new topic that is launching tomorrow! During March and April, we will be curating content around the topic Gender & Identity. The question of identity follows us through our lives, wrapping itself up in our experiences and interactions with other people. But what role does gender play in the discovery of identity. Join us as our contributors will be...

Love Heals: The Moyo Team Visits Thistle Farms

Posted February 25, 2016
During January and February, Moyo has featured content around the topic Enslavement & Freedom, focusing on issues like human trafficking, mass incarceration, and addiction. As part of a new initiative to be engage directly with the issues surrounding our topics, the Moyo Team visited Thistle Farms in Nashville, TN. Thistle Farms began in 1997 under the name Magdalene, which is a two-year...

How Would It Feel To Treat Our Time Like Music?

Posted February 22, 2016
Drew Miller has long been fascinated by what music has to say about the way we ought to live. He loves to write and share songs and is currently finishing his last semester at Belmont University as a Religion and the Arts major. Today on The Feed, Drew challenges us to "treat our time like music" even through the monotony and cacophony of life.   By: Drew Miller So often,...

Mixing It Up: The Experience of Being Bi-Racial

Posted February 15, 2016
February is Black History Month. In celebration of Black History Month, Moyo is featuring a video interview with Megan Black. In the video, she discusses her experience as a bi-racial woman and how this identity influences her faith experience. Check out more content around the topic of race in Race & Image of the Divine.     

10 Provocative and Insightful Responses to Beyoncé's "Formation"

Posted February 10, 2016
On Saturday, February 6 Beyoncé released a music video for her new single, "Formation," a song she also performed during the Super Bowl halftime the next day. With images of flooded New Orleans and a child dancing in front of heavily armed policemen along with lyrics about empowerment, this song signals a more overt political message for the pop star. Especially...

Freedom That Cannot Be Taken

Posted February 8, 2016
Mary of Egypt is known as the patron saint of penitents. Today on The Feed, Craig Katzenmiller (Social Media Editor for Tokens) describes Saint Mary's spiritual journey that started in seemingly insurmountable bondage. By: Craig Katzenmiller The call of the spiritual life is always a call to turn toward God, to repent. One of the quintessential examples of repentance is St. Mary of...

Right To Life: A New Bill in Tennessee

Posted February 1, 2016
Today on The Feed, Rev. Jeannie Alexander (Co-Founder and Director of No Exceptions Prison Collective) discusses a new legislative bill in Tennessee that will allow someone given a life sentence with the possibility of parole to go up for parole after 25 years. This is the national average, but right now someone in Tennessee given a life sentence with the possibility of parole...