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What Will The Other Sheep Think?

Posted August 16, 2016
Kent H. Roberts is a Dallas attorney, church archivist, and author of The Strength of a Free Mind: Meditations for the Accused, a book based on his experiences in the criminal justice system. When they built the sanctuary that I worship in, the senior pastor at the time asked that words of the parable of the lost sheep be painted in gold letters at the top of the wall. In that...

My Experience with Poverty in America

Posted August 4, 2016
Today on The Feed, Seth LeJeune shares about his experience working with impoverished communities across the US. For the past two years, I have seen folks living in poverty in ways I would have never imagined when I was growing -up, but I know that what I saw doesn’t come close to the degree of poverty that many of our neighbors both in America and in places beyond our borders...

Dr. Pamela Brown-Peterside: Telling Other People's Stories

Posted July 29, 2016
One of the greatest lessons our team here at Moyo has learned through our work is the importance of talking "to" people and not "about" them. In this Feed Post, Dr. Pamela Brown-Peterside speaks to this practice through the way she tells stories of her time working in Uganda to help prevent pregnant HIV positive women from passing the virus to their...

Frank Rogers: Trump, Clinton, or Sanders Supporter...Who is the Good Samaritan?

Posted July 25, 2016
This week on The Feed, Dr. Frank Rogers Jr. draws a comparison between the happenings at a Trump Rally and The Parable of the Good Samaritan - Luke 10:25-37 (NIV).     The Parable of the Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37 (NIV) 25 On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal...

Christian Imagination in a Tragic Time

Posted July 21, 2016
Quote from Timothy E. Kimbrough of Nashville's Christ Cathedral Episcopal Church:   "The Christian’s vocation to discipleship must be quickened by prophetic imagination. Some may suggest it should be quickened by love or diligence or even sacrifice. But I believe that imagination is of the first order. Love may rely on sentiment. Diligence may spring from a simple...

Community: Perspective Matters

Posted June 14, 2016
Rhonda Miska holds a master’s degree from the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. She is a contributor to the book Catholic Women Speak: Bringing Our Gifts to the Table (Paulist Press, 2015). She teaches in Religious Studies at Clarke University and is a candidate with the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa. Read more at “We have all known...

Remembering the Victims of Orlando's Shooting

Posted June 13, 2016
Today, we pause to remember the victims of the massacre in Orlando on June 12, 2016. We know that prayers alone are not enough. But as we say their names, we pray for peace that passes understanding, for hope that perseveres in the face of doubt, for courage to stand on the side of justice, and for responses that move us toward beloved community.   Edward Sotomayor,...

When We Exclude Anyone, We All Lose

Posted June 7, 2016
In this video, Topher Endress shares his own journey into inclusive ministries. Listen as he explains how seeing that churches "simply didn't know how to engage someone with disabilities or were unwilling to learn" drastically changed how he does ministry and views his calling.   Hear more from Topher on Successes and Failures of Inclusivity in the Church here.

In the Image of God

Posted June 1, 2016
Contributed by Amanda Mountain   Women are taught at a young age to be ashamed of their God-given bodies. It’s time the church worked to change this.   It was not until I met a girl in high school who told me about being raped when that I realized what happened to me was wrong. As my friend told me about the most traumatic experience in her life, I thought, “That...

UMC General Conference: Bishop Ivan Abrahams

Posted May 18, 2016
The United Methodist General Conference is happening in Portand, Oregon from May 10-20, 2016. During morning worship on May 17th at General Conference, Bishop Ivan Abrahams, member of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and General Secretary of the World Methodist Council, preached a sermon that emphasized the people on the margins. Bishop Abrahams asked, "How often do I hear people...