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Moyo: Where We Are Now

Posted May 2, 2016

In the summer of 2015, Moyo launched with a hope of trying something new. We wanted to address faith and justice from a different angle—not from a pew but in a digital space.

As an interactive website created by The Upper Room and Global Ministries, Moyo seeks to create a global community that identifies and engages issues people care about so that faith and justice are understood as integrated approaches to spiritual life.  

Moyo’s first Feed post, “The American Religious Landscape: How Moyo Fits In,” discusses PEW Research’s survey about the shifting climate of religious devotion in the U.S. The survey reveals that the way people understand and experience spirituality is changing—when Moyo was created, we wanted to recognize and address these shifts, not ignore them. Instead of lamenting the changes, we at Moyo saw them as an opportunity to create something different.

We also believe that social justice is an important component to religious devotion in the here and now. With the changes that are occurring in religion in most of the world, Moyo recognizes that action and spirituality cannot be separated, but are two integral parts to expressing faith.

Check out the video below to learn more about Moyo and see where we are now!

Almost a year after we’ve launched, and we’re proud of where we are. We’ve had topics exploring Migration & Refuge, Enslavement & Freedom, and Gender & Identity. We’ve curated content about mass incarceration, the church as a site for learning, how we “read” races without even realizing it, and so much more!

In May, we’re launching a new topic: Religion & Community. For this topic, we’ll be asking: How does religion and faith shape what communities we are a part of? This question gets at the heart of the shifting religious landscape. We’re excited for you to Encounter, Reflect, and Act on this topic—our content will feature people from all different religious traditions reflecting on how we can re-imagine community. Watch this video promo to get an idea of the content we'll be creating for this topic.


We would also love for you to contribute to Religion & Community or future topics. Use your creativity for justice!

We hope that Moyo can be a digital space where you can ask questions that are important to you, hear a variety of perspectives on issues you care about, and find an authentic way to express your faith. Thanks for being a part of the Moyo community.