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Reclamation Studios: Conversations on Islam

Posted July 27, 2015

Moyo is a website committed to starting conversation around the most important recent global issues. Today on The Feed, we want to feature the work of Reclamation Studioswho are using digital media to have open and honest conversations about Islam. We hope this post and their work will allow you to think more deeply about the religion.


Most people are familiar with the horrifying actions committed by the Islamic State (also known as ISIS). Media outlets all over the world have broadcasted the many atrocities of ISIS, but one of the most striking and surprising elements of their violent actions is the way they have used technology and media to persuade a number of people to join their efforts. The exposure of ISIS in recent years has once again triggered fear of and ignorance about Islam.

One group of people in the U.S. is standing against ISIS and the violence committed in the name of Islam by using technology and media to educate people about Islam. This organization is called Reclamation Studios and operates out of Indiana. According to their website, Reclamation Studios believes that there is “too much negative messaging and a ‘scarcity’ paradigm being perpetuated in the media that skews the understanding of Islam.” In other words, they are trying to reclaim the presentation of Islam from the media (who often only expresses negative views of the religion) and by radical organizations like ISIS.

Check out this video

In this video, we see two people having a straightforward, relaxed conversation about the connections between violence and Islam. Instead of a debate rife with political rhetoric, this video offers two friends interacting honestly and openly. No longer is the Muslim person an “other” who lives worlds away.

Moreover, their focus audience is young adults. So, Reclamation Studios is run by young adults who create content that is for their peers that is straight-forward, shareable, and digital. And there doing this to educate and help people know more about Islam. 

That sounds good to us.

Don’t let ISIS be your only impression of what being a Muslim looks like. Check out the work of Reclamation Studios and educate yourself about Islam from people who understand the religion and are taking a balanced approach to these conversations.