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New Moyo Topic: Gender & Identity

Posted February 29, 2016

Moyo is featuring a new topic that is launching tomorrow! During March and April, we will be curating content around the topic Gender & Identity. The question of identity follows us through our lives, wrapping itself up in our experiences and interactions with other people. But what role does gender play in the discovery of identity. Join us as our contributors will be sharing and helping us reflect on this question, including issues like gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, discrimination in society and the church, transgender visibility and the importance of using pronouns, ways to practice and build inclusivity, and much more! We invite you to encounter, reflect, and act on these important and vital issues.

To give a clearer idea of what this topic will feature, below there is a video promoting an interview with Rev. Scott Williamson discussing Gender & Identity. Check out the teaser below and come back to Moyo for more content about Gender & Identity starting tomorrow!