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New Moyo Topic: Enslavement & Freedom

Posted December 21, 2015

Beginning in January, Moyo will be introducing a new topic: Enslavement & Freedom

Freedom – in its many forms – is something we all strive for. The contemplative life orients us toward release from the limiting ideas and institutions of this world. Modern works of justice seek to free those who are held captive to power. Yet, in our daily life, how do we unknowingly perpetuate bondage – both literal and figurative?

In this topic, the Moyo Team invites you to reflect on enslavement and freedom. What ideas or institutions perpetuate captivity? What circumstances do you feel trapped by? Where do you find freedom? How do we cooperate as global citizens to ensure that all might live free? Consider, also, the boundary between enslavement and freedom. Can our desire for freedom enslave others? Are we called to forgo certain kinds of independence to ensure corporate freedom? As you look inward toward self and outward toward others, try to discern where you recognize freedom. What do you see? How do we get there?

These are the questions that are driving this topic. We'll be hearing from experts, justice workers, and users about how we address the circumstances that enslave us and others.

Join us as we engage this important topic.

If you're interested in contributing to the topic, visit our Submissions Website.