About Moyo

Mission Statement: Moyo seeks to create a global community that meets at the intersection of contemplation and action.

Here we believe that life is a matter of finding the balance between “being” and “doing” – between the inward journey toward self-knowledge and spiritual awareness and the outward journey toward relationships and direct action in the world. As an interactive website that provides experiences for spiritually infused, justice-oriented action, Moyo invites participants to combine the “being” and “doing” of life.

At Moyo, you can 1) confront issues of global impact, 2) consider how these issues inspire you, and 3) discover ways to put your new insights into action. We invite you to Encounter, Reflect, and Act.

How it works: There are many ways to experience Moyo. Try a Guide, which will lead you through an Encounter, Reflection, and Action, or explore on your own. Also, check out The Feed where the Moyo Team will update you on various topics and events from around the world. Our goal is to create a space for community where shared values, beliefs and inner experience inform our choices, priorities and influence across the globe.

Interested in contributing to Moyo? If you're inspired by what you’ve seen on Moyo or are interested in the intersection of spirituality and social justice, think about submitting content to the Moyo team. We are looking for all kinds of creative content, like prose, poetry, photography, videos, or music.

Visit our submission website or click on the Submissions button at the top of the navigation bar for more information and to submit directly to The Moyo Team.

Moyo is a creative partnership between Global Ministries and The Upper Room.